Amika Wet-to-dry Styler News

The Amika wet-to-dry styler is just the perfect styling tool for you if you have a busy schedule so as to skip the time for drying your hair before styling. Amika wet-to-dry flat iron is highly recommended due to various reasons.

The main reason is its efficiency to straighten the hair without damaging the damp hair. If you have a hectic schedule every morning and wish to reduce your time in dressing up and styling your hair, the Amika wet-to-dry styler is the best option for you to choose. You can skip the time for air drying your hair by using this amazing product of Amika. Another benefit is that you can avoid exposing your hair to the heat of the blow dryer before styling. The exposure of hair twice can cause serious harm to your hair. Thus, you can use this flat iron to style your damp hair after patting it dry. But make sure you do not use it directly on your wet hair. You should first pat it dry with a towel. Using a thermal styling tool directly on the hair can cause serious hair damages like burning or pulling of hair. It can also injure the user.

Amika wet-to-dry styler comes with a quick heat up feature so that you can style your hair quickly within second without using it for a long time on your hair. Thus, it offers an added safety feature. Therefore, the Amika wet-to-dry styler is the best option to minimize the exposure of heat on your hair. The wet to dry flat irons of Amika are made with ceramic or tourmaline plates so that it offers better heat protection for your hair. Ceramic plates can heat your hair unevenly and does not create frizz or damaging spots. The main reason for hair damage with the use of flat irons is over drying of the hair. The new, advanced Amika wet-to-dry styler can style your hair by preserving the natural moisture of your hair. Thus, your hair will remain hydrated and will never lose its natural shine and health.

The Amika wet-to-dry styler is also incorporated with a revolutionary Nano Silver Technology that offer extra hair protection by cleaning the hair and kills any bacterial or fungal growth on the hair. It enables multiple styling options and can straighten your hair beautifully.