Perfumes: The Most Treasured Cosmetics Of Latest Time

The most important factor taken into consideration while shopping for perfumes is the fragrance. Fragrance is the most vital aspect as if the fragrance of the perfume is appealing and good then only one it catches the attraction of the customers. There are different fragrances of perfume available in the market. Fragrance of the perfume differs due to the ingredients used in its formulation. Generally perfume is formulated with a fixed ratio of essential oils, chemicals, natural resources etc. Essential oil is the basic ingredient found in perfumes and the quality of fragrance lots depend on this essential oil. It is of two types, natural and synthetic, natural essential oil is expensive then synthetic one hence the quality and aroma of natural essential oil is quite superior.

There are plethora of fragrance groups such as flowery, woody, oriental, fruity and pheromone. Woody group of fragrance contains unforgettable aroma of forest flowers and flowery group of fragrance contains sandalwood, white cedar, iris, flower and fruits. Other ingredients such as ethyl alcohol and fixatives are mixed in a specific proportion with essential oil to formulate a perfume. Glycerin and Phthalate are the two fixatives, which are used to make perfume long lasting. Biggest problem faced while formulating fragrances is longevity as the fragrance fade away over a period of time. To overcome this problem French discovered a technique in which they layered the perfume in three layers known as top note, middle note and base note. Top note is intense but of short duration, middle note last for most part of the day while base note last for whole night.

People like to wear perfume because it makes them feel good about themselves and moreover a sweet fragrance is spread in the place wherever a person goes. Perfumes and fragrance are very commonly used by most of the people and sometimes it becomes an identity of a person, as a person is easily identified with the type of perfume he uses. It is the basic nature of the human being that we love to smell good and leave a mark of our personality in our group and society. Wearing an expensive and designer perfume itself speaks about one status and personality. The craze and demand of perfume is ever growing and it is due to the ever growing demand of perfume that perfume industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

The best way to buy quality perfume at discounted price is through online stores that offers heavy discount on branded and designer perfumes so that customers can avail best product at knock down prices. There are various online stores offering plethora of perfume, from branded and designer perfumes to various perfumes for middle income group. Customers have wide option to choose from these varieties according to one budget and choice. Online stores prove to the best place as these have huge varieties and range of perfume where each one can find a perfume of his choice within his budget.