All You Need To Know About Ralph Lauren Sunglasses- Read Before You Buy

Ralph Lauren sunglasses combine style and comfort together to bring out the best eye accessories. They are especially designed for fashionable men and women who like to flaunt a unique style statement. Ralph Lauren sunglasses blend both modern as well as an antique style.

How To Choose A Ralph Lauren Eyewear For Yourself

Sunglasses from Ralph Lauren come in all possible shades, to give you an endless variety to choose from. There are several frames as well. Go for the one that suits you perfectly well.

Some Detailing On Ralph Lauren Frames

This brand of sunglasses comes in a variety of frames. Each one is designed to suit a particular face cut. There are thin wired sunglasses to tortoise shell rimmed ones. The shape of your face will say what frame you require.

? Oval face ? the oval face is a perfect shape for the face. Go for wide frames, those which are in proportion with your face. The aviator should fall below the line of your brow.

? Round face ? angular frames help to make round faces appear long. Those sunglasses which are bubble shaped will only exaggerate the roundness of your face. Go for high temples or medium high temples. They will make it look long. Always go for wide frames.

? Square frames ? for this type of face shape, the frame should be narrow and curved. The frame should be wide in comparison to the widest part of your face. The frame should be horizontal in shape and not vertical. The shape of the frame should be slightly heavy at the top and lighter towards the bottom to look good on square faces.

? Diamond face ? if you are blessed with high cheek bones, don?t try to hide them behind sunglasses. Go for shades which are heavy on top and have high or mid high temples. Squared frames look good on diamond shaped shapes.

? Base up triangle ? sunglasses which have weight towards the bottom complement this face shape really well. Low temples look good on this face shape. Go for light colored glasses.

Ralph Lauren eye wares can be purchased from showrooms and in all well known outlets. You can also shop for them online. Look from deals which offer discounts.

Celebrities and high profile socialites are often seen with Ralph Lauren glasses on. Gwen Stephanie, Mariah Carry, Sharon stone, Christie Brinkley, all are huge fan of this brand. They wear it both as regular wear as well as while partying.

A special feature of these sunglasses is that they provide 100 % protection against UV rays. They are also scratch proof. So even if you drop them you don?t need to be scared.

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