DKNY Watches – Just For The Fashion Connoisseur

Watches from DKNY are a delightful combination of aesthetics and functionality. To hold a DKNY is a prestigious and can win you a style statement if you buy one. DKNY watches provide a stunning presence and has a style of their own that make them distinct and elegant in a crowd. The modern man is always on the lookout for the latest technology along with quality and durability. The brand is present to provide the best of all worlds. Be it the women of modern times or the man who is a social freak or is elusive enough to stay on his own, there are watches of each and every type of individual who loves to indulge in great watches. The DKNY watches price in India come in all ranges and are suitable for every use.

One simply cannot ignore watches from DKNY. The impeccable style and the manner in which they are designed are indescribable. They thoroughly reflect the ideals of a great watch. The sapphire and the crystal dials watches price are a little higher than the other collection. The brand is a world class manufacturer of watches and many other products that help in keeping you updated. With fashion and you, at your side, you can never go wrong.

They are the best when it comes to watches for fashion and watches for functionality. The formal collection is nothing less than jewelry itself. The watches come in various designs, colors and dial shapes that will suit every individual taste. They are tastefully done up to give you a great feeling of confidence and of course the right time and other features to stay organized. The ladies quartz watches come in different materials and strap that is uniquely designed to help you stay unique and be the one who steals the show. Investing in DKNY is a wise investment that you will appreciate all your life. They stay trendy and are a great time piece that stays with you the way you have bought. You can buy terrific men and women collection that are perfect for modern times. The watches price in India is a bit on the higher range, but nevertheless, as said earlier, they are the right kind of investment.

Every piece from DKNY comes with perfectly designed and durable parts. It would be truly difficult for you to choose one as there are plenty in the showroom that you will fall in love with. A metal strap, or jewelry watch or a sportier model all provides the best Online shopping in India helps you find the right one, a small dial or a large one, a leather strap or a metal strap. The website has them all.

All You Need To Know About Ralph Lauren Sunglasses- Read Before You Buy

Ralph Lauren sunglasses combine style and comfort together to bring out the best eye accessories. They are especially designed for fashionable men and women who like to flaunt a unique style statement. Ralph Lauren sunglasses blend both modern as well as an antique style.

How To Choose A Ralph Lauren Eyewear For Yourself

Sunglasses from Ralph Lauren come in all possible shades, to give you an endless variety to choose from. There are several frames as well. Go for the one that suits you perfectly well.

Some Detailing On Ralph Lauren Frames

This brand of sunglasses comes in a variety of frames. Each one is designed to suit a particular face cut. There are thin wired sunglasses to tortoise shell rimmed ones. The shape of your face will say what frame you require.

? Oval face ? the oval face is a perfect shape for the face. Go for wide frames, those which are in proportion with your face. The aviator should fall below the line of your brow.

? Round face ? angular frames help to make round faces appear long. Those sunglasses which are bubble shaped will only exaggerate the roundness of your face. Go for high temples or medium high temples. They will make it look long. Always go for wide frames.

? Square frames ? for this type of face shape, the frame should be narrow and curved. The frame should be wide in comparison to the widest part of your face. The frame should be horizontal in shape and not vertical. The shape of the frame should be slightly heavy at the top and lighter towards the bottom to look good on square faces.

? Diamond face ? if you are blessed with high cheek bones, don?t try to hide them behind sunglasses. Go for shades which are heavy on top and have high or mid high temples. Squared frames look good on diamond shaped shapes.

? Base up triangle ? sunglasses which have weight towards the bottom complement this face shape really well. Low temples look good on this face shape. Go for light colored glasses.

Ralph Lauren eye wares can be purchased from showrooms and in all well known outlets. You can also shop for them online. Look from deals which offer discounts.

Celebrities and high profile socialites are often seen with Ralph Lauren glasses on. Gwen Stephanie, Mariah Carry, Sharon stone, Christie Brinkley, all are huge fan of this brand. They wear it both as regular wear as well as while partying.

A special feature of these sunglasses is that they provide 100 % protection against UV rays. They are also scratch proof. So even if you drop them you don?t need to be scared.

Is It The Candy You Lost? —when Lv Meet With Swarovski

As one of the oldest fashion houses in the world, Louis Vuitton is internationally celebrated and highly regarded for name recognition in the fashion world. The world?s greatest fashion design house: such compliment has been lavished on Louis Vuitton. It sold people a feeling, an image: fashion setter, rather than a mere luxury, thus Louis Vuitton gains timeless glory. While the other luxury brand, Swarovski, offers a wide range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products and wins world wild reorganization. When the two meet with each other on the runway, here come precious LV inclusion bracelets.

The Inclusion collection features Monogram charms adorned with floating Swarovski crystals. It not only has LV signature timeless luster, but also embodies a strong favor of African culture. Besides, CRYSTALLIZED? – Swarovski Elements label guaranteed the originality of Swarovski crystals used in creations of international fashion houses and designers. Being part of the Monogram Inclusion collection, the bracelet is a perfect combination of resin and crystal and trimmed with golden brass pieces. The generous sized, acetate bracelet evokes the lightness of the rebirth of spring. Imperial and intensive African favor is no doubt the leading tune of Louis Vuitton 20009. When the rich color falls on a bracelet, it becomes lovely and lively, just like the appealing candy you lost in your careless childhood. Now here is the chance for you to pick up your lost candy.

To meet with different need and preference, Louis Vuitton released a complete range of bracelets at various sizes and colors including rose pop, praline, brown, black, orange and transparent. As I see it, these bracelets are like a box of chocolate candy, you can never know the taste until you have a try.

What Can A Hair Straightener Be Used For

Hair styling process has become much easier, safer and less time consuming with the arrival of new and improved technologies. You can do it whenever you like without any help of a hair stylist. Getting the help of a hair stylist is always a better option. But it cost you a lot and you need to invest lots of time for that. Hair styling home kits and other styling devices are the solution for these concerns. Thus you can save your time and have a great styling device with just one time investment.

Hair straighteners or flat irons are one of the new additions to the list of the hair styling tools. For those who have curly hair and want made it silky straight, all you need to is to get a hair straightening rod. Choose the one that better serves your needs and really worth the money.

In the last few years, the flat irons have developed a lot and now they can serve more than just straightening your hair. The leading manufactures are giving importance on the tourmaline and ceramic plates for their products. The plus point of these types of plates is that they take superior care for your hair while styling. Another notable feature of ceramic or tourmaline plates is that they emit negative ions while straightening that aids in closing the cuticles. Thus the natural moisture gets locked into the hair giving it shine and smoothness.

The majority top rated straightening rods available in the market come with some added functional features. The auto power cut options or auto temperature adjust is great for giving proper care to your hair. Flat iron with an auto temperature adjust system helps keep the hair from over heating. Further, the auto power cut option prevents damages due to heat as well as facilitates in less consumption of electricity.

These days, flat irons are one of the great gift ideas for your loved ones. The best hair straighteners available in the market are so small and handy; and have a cute look that can be chosen as gifts easily.

How To Sneak Into An International Fashion Show

Ok, so you’re in Paris. It’s February. You hate art. You hate good food. You hate architecture. You even hate crepes with Nutella. But you have a deep love of either fashion or underfed models (or both). But what you don’t have is an invitation to any of the shows going on during the city’s glamorous Fashion Week. Do you hide in your 2 star Auberge like a defeated outsider and watch them on French Fashion TV? Of course not. You sneak into a show right under their snobby Parisian noses. And I?m going to tell you how. But before you suit up for your mission, you must define your destination. The Audience or Backstage? If you are interested in social status and high fashion, your goal is to get in and watch the show but if you just want to chat to skinny Eastern European models, then screw the clothes, you’re going backstage my friend.

Firstly, you need to suit up. This is fashion, not function. But don’t overdo it, at least not if you’re goal is backstage. You’re going to need to get there 2-3 hours early (that’s when the models, make-up, hair, etc. arrive). I suggest lingering about 20 meters from the back entrance, and cherry picking one of the unassuming models or stylists who have come outside for a cigarette. You give them a light ?yes I brought my lighter?, strike up a conversation about esoteric medieval poetry or the latest issue of British Vogue, and then casually walk back in with them past the security guard. Of course this is much easier if you have a friend who?s actually in the show, but a civilized chat with a Bulgarian waif should do the trick. Once you’re in, just mill about not bothering anybody, until it gets crowded enough to blend in. If anyone asks you who you are, you respond with either “I’m Svetlana’s agent”, or “I’m one of the dressers and Herve told me to wait here”, or the old standby “My girlfriend’s in the show” (this last one will work for both men and women? it’s fashion, come on). If you?re unlucky outside and have to approach the security guard on your own, well that’s a tougher climb, but still doable. That’s when I suggest breaking out the business card you got from the model agent outside (yes you had to smoke 10 filthy Gauloises cigarettes but he gave you his card after you lied and told him you owned an ad agency in Vancouver), claiming his identity, and sliding elegantly past the guard with the false purpose that only a fashionista can feign.

The Audience:
The easiest approach is to follow the instructions above, then sneak your way into the audience from behind (ouch). However, if you insist on breaking into the Balenciaga show with dignity eg: through the front door, then you have to prepare. First order of business is getting the costume together. You’re probably thinking something expensive and ‘re wrong. Dress horribly. Tight fitting vintage t-shirt with 20-year-old food stains, grey acid-washed jeans that fit terribly. And go heavy on the accessories. Pink shoes, vintage Dior shades, a baseball hat with the mascot of an unknown South American Jai Lai team on it, you know, dress “ironically”. Digital watch. An oversized necklace with a Japanese Manga character on it – In gold. A belt with a stuffed Python for a buckle. This ridiculous garb will confuse the door folks, making them think you?re some underground editor or soon to be celebrity. Now, even though you look ridiculous, pick up your phone and call a friend. Then start barking absurd things into the phone as you walk past the door people. You know, stuff like “Lindsey is such a slut I can’t believe she’s with Stavros… ugh? I’m so glad I’m not in LA right now”, or “I’m going into a show right now I can’t talk but yes I’ll put you on the list” then tell the door people that Russell Simmons is coming can you please add him.

Whether it?s front row or backstage the most important thing to remember whilst busting into a fashion show is that you have to believe your own bullshit. If you are “a photographer and you left your camera inside during the Betsey Johnson show and you need to get back in” then you have to act and feel the desperate indignation that one would feel during such a catwalk catastrophe. Be the lie. Otherwise, you’ll be outside in the February cold stinking of cheap cigarettes and rejection. And you don’t even smoke.

Perfumes: The Most Treasured Cosmetics Of Latest Time

The most important factor taken into consideration while shopping for perfumes is the fragrance. Fragrance is the most vital aspect as if the fragrance of the perfume is appealing and good then only one it catches the attraction of the customers. There are different fragrances of perfume available in the market. Fragrance of the perfume differs due to the ingredients used in its formulation. Generally perfume is formulated with a fixed ratio of essential oils, chemicals, natural resources etc. Essential oil is the basic ingredient found in perfumes and the quality of fragrance lots depend on this essential oil. It is of two types, natural and synthetic, natural essential oil is expensive then synthetic one hence the quality and aroma of natural essential oil is quite superior.

There are plethora of fragrance groups such as flowery, woody, oriental, fruity and pheromone. Woody group of fragrance contains unforgettable aroma of forest flowers and flowery group of fragrance contains sandalwood, white cedar, iris, flower and fruits. Other ingredients such as ethyl alcohol and fixatives are mixed in a specific proportion with essential oil to formulate a perfume. Glycerin and Phthalate are the two fixatives, which are used to make perfume long lasting. Biggest problem faced while formulating fragrances is longevity as the fragrance fade away over a period of time. To overcome this problem French discovered a technique in which they layered the perfume in three layers known as top note, middle note and base note. Top note is intense but of short duration, middle note last for most part of the day while base note last for whole night.

People like to wear perfume because it makes them feel good about themselves and moreover a sweet fragrance is spread in the place wherever a person goes. Perfumes and fragrance are very commonly used by most of the people and sometimes it becomes an identity of a person, as a person is easily identified with the type of perfume he uses. It is the basic nature of the human being that we love to smell good and leave a mark of our personality in our group and society. Wearing an expensive and designer perfume itself speaks about one status and personality. The craze and demand of perfume is ever growing and it is due to the ever growing demand of perfume that perfume industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

The best way to buy quality perfume at discounted price is through online stores that offers heavy discount on branded and designer perfumes so that customers can avail best product at knock down prices. There are various online stores offering plethora of perfume, from branded and designer perfumes to various perfumes for middle income group. Customers have wide option to choose from these varieties according to one budget and choice. Online stores prove to the best place as these have huge varieties and range of perfume where each one can find a perfume of his choice within his budget.

Amika Wet-to-dry Styler News

The Amika wet-to-dry styler is just the perfect styling tool for you if you have a busy schedule so as to skip the time for drying your hair before styling. Amika wet-to-dry flat iron is highly recommended due to various reasons.

The main reason is its efficiency to straighten the hair without damaging the damp hair. If you have a hectic schedule every morning and wish to reduce your time in dressing up and styling your hair, the Amika wet-to-dry styler is the best option for you to choose. You can skip the time for air drying your hair by using this amazing product of Amika. Another benefit is that you can avoid exposing your hair to the heat of the blow dryer before styling. The exposure of hair twice can cause serious harm to your hair. Thus, you can use this flat iron to style your damp hair after patting it dry. But make sure you do not use it directly on your wet hair. You should first pat it dry with a towel. Using a thermal styling tool directly on the hair can cause serious hair damages like burning or pulling of hair. It can also injure the user.

Amika wet-to-dry styler comes with a quick heat up feature so that you can style your hair quickly within second without using it for a long time on your hair. Thus, it offers an added safety feature. Therefore, the Amika wet-to-dry styler is the best option to minimize the exposure of heat on your hair. The wet to dry flat irons of Amika are made with ceramic or tourmaline plates so that it offers better heat protection for your hair. Ceramic plates can heat your hair unevenly and does not create frizz or damaging spots. The main reason for hair damage with the use of flat irons is over drying of the hair. The new, advanced Amika wet-to-dry styler can style your hair by preserving the natural moisture of your hair. Thus, your hair will remain hydrated and will never lose its natural shine and health.

The Amika wet-to-dry styler is also incorporated with a revolutionary Nano Silver Technology that offer extra hair protection by cleaning the hair and kills any bacterial or fungal growth on the hair. It enables multiple styling options and can straighten your hair beautifully.