Sorting Your Winter Wardrobe

Despite the almost Indian Summer the papers seem to be raving about, we are now well and truly on our way into winter. The clocks have changed, the evenings are getting darker, and before you know it Christmas will be here. So, it is time to embrace your winter wardrobe once again. You may moan but really it’s not all bad!

Just because it is grey, cold, raining and plain dull outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to mirror the weather. Furthermore, even though you ladies can’t wear cute dresses and open-toe shoes and the guys can’t live in shorts and t-shirts doesn’t mean style, comfort, and sexiness has to be relegated to the summer wardrobe.

The autumn/winter catwalks were full of trend-setting winter wear including stylish outwear. Coats and jackets in the past have either been designed purely for function and practicality or for fashion meaning they are useless at keeping you warm and dry. This has resulted in two types of jacket and coat wearers; the waterproof, windproof and dull or the freezing, wet and cool. However, the times are a-changing.

Now the high-street as well as designer and boutique stores are combining the best of both worlds. You can now find a plethora of winter-warmers that have waterproof and windproof layers, and quick drying layers made from super warm fabrics such as wool.

They no longer resemble pac-a-macs or giant-sized overcoats in black, grey or more black. You can be cool, warm and dry all at the same time as well as looking stylish and body-conscious as opposed to drowning in a shapeless and colourless excuse for a coat.

Take New Look for example, it has all of this season’s must-have coats and jackets for both women and men. From staple macs given a fresh modern twist to leather biker jackets; they even have the good old classic fitting duffles and doubled breasted coats. Men can choose from Herringbone coats to bomber jackets and Harrington Jackets to military-style coats.

New Look has another major pull factor ? price. Most of these coats and jackets are an affordable winter investment as prices range from just ?30 to ?60.

To make life even easier you can buy any items from New Look’s winter range online. This means you don’t need to venture out into the cold winter weather just yet, not until your new coat arrives anyway!

Group Of Velecta Paramount Hair Dryers

Velecta Paramount ? based in France ? is one of the leading manufacturers of professional hair styling tools as well as salon equipments. All of its products have been designed keeping in mind three main key factors such as lightweight, powerful, and unique ergonomics. In fact, with its innovative, compact profile, it enables both hair stylists and clients to create amazing hair styling results. Among many of its products, Velecta Paramount has been especially lauded for its hair dryers that are designed using leading edge technologies and wrapped with top notch features. Mentioned below are some of the most preferred Velecta Paramount blow dryers now available in the market.

Velecta Paramount Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is perhaps the number one hair dryer now available in the market. Its highlight is in deed the technology used for the manufacture, which in turn is an integration of ceramic and tourmaline elements. Further, it is complemented with features including 1875 watts of power, long life AC motor, two heat settings and two speed buttons, powerful airflow.

Velecta Paramount Revolutionary Ultra Quiet Hair Dryer

Designed using a blend of technologies such as ceramic and tourmaline, this hair dryer provides the added advantage of Advanced Noise Reduction Technology, whose specialty is that it reduces noise by 60%, thereby enabling for a quieter working environment. Further, it is complete with features such as ultra lightweight profile, two speed and two heat settings, barrel extension, and 1600 watts of power.

Velecta Paramount Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

What that makes this dryer special is its built-in ionic generator that emit continuous stream of negative ions in order to eliminate frizz and add extra shine to your hair. Further, ceramic properties, apart from features like huge airflow and two heat and two speed settings, add to its high performance.

Velecta Paramount Super Lightweight Hair Dryer

Weighing just 350 grams, this hair tool is recommended for strain-free, professional hair styling as well as drying results. Additionally, it is the result of the exclusive patented turbine technology.

Velecta Paramount Professional Hair Dryer

For fast hair drying and styling results, perhaps no other hair dryers could outshine this hair dryer. 1875 watts of power, long life AC motor, two speed and six heat settings plus cool shot, and snap on nozzle are its features, among many others.

How To Choose Color For Your Prom Gown?

You have daydreamed about your prom for years, and it is finally here! It’s time to start planning for the most important special event of your life so far. Most likely, the highlight of the planning process will be choosing your prom dress, and a key decision will be picking the right dress color. There are several factors to consider before you decide, so read on to learn more about choosing the right prom dress color for you.

First, find a suitable cut and style for your figure. For example, sheath dresses usually look best on tall or thin girls, and an A-line dress slim the hips and thighs while accentuating the waist. Next, try on some flattering styles in different colors. Consider what goes well with your skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

Take into account certain dress styles that you like and how they’ll look in different colors. Some current trends in prom dress colors are bold hues such as orange, yellow, pink, even tie-dyed. But keep in mind that the latest trends in dress colors might not look right on you if they don’t flatter your best natural attributes. Check out the fashion magazines and websites for ideas, but don’t be disappointed if the latest red carpet look is not for you. Remember that your prom dress should make you look your best.

Your skin tone probably is the most important factor in determining what dress colors would look best on you. Try different colored dresses while standing in the most natural light possible, and note which ones make your skin look bright and not washed out. If you still can’t decide, then think about the clothes in your closet. What color or colors do you wear most often, and what colors are you drawn to when shopping for new items? You know what looks good on you, so use that knowledge to pick your prom dress color.

Also, think about what kind of message, if any, you want to send out on prom night. For example, a simple little black dress can say, I’m classy and sophisticated. Red is bold, sexy, and daring. Blue and green are friendly, calm, perhaps more down to earth. You can look like royalty in gold or silver, or maybe you have always wanted to be the princess in pink.

(If you do choose a black prom dress, try a dramatic hairstyle to offset its plainness. Also, black tends to drain color from your face, so use makeup wisely to play up your best facial features.)

Finally, shoes, purses and other accessories can either compliment or contrast with your dress to make a statement, so think about all of these items when choosing your prom dress color.

Applying Winter Makeup

As seasons change, so should your makeup. When applying makeup for winter, it is important to be mindful of the harshness of the weather and the warmer, darker coloured clothes you will be wearing. Winter make up should be applied in a way that adds colour and liveliness to your complexion, and should have a light tint that matches the skin tone. Unlike summer, with its light clothing and sunny, warm weather, winter is composed of windy, cold weather and warm clothing. Saying this, winter makeup should accommodate the weather and reflect the heavier clothing and darker colours. So, dig into your makeup stash and bring out the oil based moisturizers, protective foundations and matte eye shadows in autumn and winter colours, like grey and brown.

Skin Preparation
The skin itself needs to be protected during the harsh weather of winter days, so makeup application should begin with an oil based day moisturizer. This prevents the skin from drying out due to the low humidity and cold. At night, it?s important to use a heavier moisturizer immediately after showering in order to seal in the skins moisture.

It?s typical for people to have paler skin in winter than they do in summer, so it is important to chose a foundation a shade or so lighter than your summer foundation, depending on how much you tan in summer. When choosing a foundation for winter, foundations with matte finishes are best- save the foundations with shiny, bright finishes for summer. Having a foundation that is one shade lighter will make skin look brighter. Before applying the foundation, apply to the back of your hand. This will warm the product to your skin temperature and allow for easier application.

Winter colour palettes should include bright and clear colours that will emphasize style and beauty. Distinctive colours, ice shades, and deep backs and whites are perfect. The colours chosen when applying eye makeup for winter should reflect the colours in the clothing you are wearing out that day. This creates a more polished and united look. For winter, a darker eye shadow, black eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines, and two coats of black mascara will work best. For any under-eye puffiness that winter weather can bring on, a creamy, yellow based concealer can help counteract this. Blend the concealer from the inside corner of your eye to the outside until the concealer is completely blended with your skin.

As the eyes will be played up more for winter, keep the lips simple. Soft, pale, natural colours are best so the makeup does not seem too overdone. Stick to nude glosses, pale pinks and peaches, depending on your skin tone.

These few tips can make your skin look healthy and glowing during the cold winter weather.

Natalie Lucas, Make-up artist

Wholesale Sunglasses For Kids Add Fun To Their Life

Wholesale sunglasses for kids are perfect way for kids to look funky at the time of buying park or beach. The wholesale sunglasses for kids act as the perfect fashion statement for the children at an affordable cost that matches perfectly with the budget of people. It also protects the eyes of the children from the harmful rays of ultra violet radiation. The eyes of the children are delicate at that time wholesale sunglasses for kid is the perfect solution for the children.

The wholesale sunglasses for kids are available in wide forms, design, styles and color according to the tastes of children. Kids really enjoy wearing stylish and affordable wholesale sunglasses. The color choice is innumerable in the wholesale sunglasses. It is an important form of fashion style for the children that adore the personality of the person. Buying wholesale sunglasses for kids is matter for protection and style statement both from the surroundings.

The wholesale sunglasses for kids have dark tints that protect the eyes from the harmful rays with a little protection. There are many funky colors available in the sale and purchase of the wholesale sunglasses for kids to make it look more attractive and appealing. The wholesale sunglasses for kid also go well with the formal occasions.

The wholesale sunglasses for kids vary in design and style that matches perfectly with the budget. The frames of kid sunglasses are of the best longevity and offer full comfort to the kids. Person makes selection of kids sunglasses that matches perfectly with the shape of the face. Metal frames are the most commonly available in the wholesale sunglasses, which is scratch proof, durable and flexible in nature.

The material uses in wholesale kid sunglasses are carefree and curious offer full fun to the kids by checking properly the fit of glasses that makes the person feels comfortable. Amount of tightness and frame is also the main factor that a person keeps in mind to make the sale and purchase of the wholesale sunglasses for kid for the benefit of the person. Wholesale sunglasses for kids are the most important form of sunglasses.

Why People Like To Buy Fake Designer Handbags

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Being the proud owner of a fake Louis Vuitton handbag can make a girl gain more confidence as her friends look at her with envy wondering where and how she got the bag. Not all women can afford the luxury of a new handbag from the real designer but all women can afford the luxury of buying a fake Louis Vuitton.

Replica handbags are becoming more and more popular as the prices are being maintained at an affordable price. The replica Louis Vuitton handbags are very popular because of their style and versatility. You can buy more than one and keep up with the latest trends if that?s what you want to do. There is no easier way to demand being noticed than buying one of the replica Louis Vuitton handbags. People will definitely sit up and pay attention as you walk in the room. Lets face it power and fashion go hand in hand so run out and get your replica Louis Vuitton handbags and start getting the attention you want and desire from your colleagues.